Big changes in the painting process of a vehicle

6/9/2023 / Category: Surface Paint Quality Inspector / Author: Juan Bravo

In today's fiercely competitive car manufacturing market, vehicle manufacturers need solutions that help them improve their flexibility, efficiency and cost competitiveness, while providing a high quality paint finish, including individualised options to meet the growing demand for non-standard and customised designs.  With Eines Surface - Paint Quality Inspector, 100% of the paint applied to the surface of the car body is displayed, analysed and stored, so there is increased competitiveness and added value in the paint centers, where Esfi is installed.

The paint process itself is changing, which dictates changes in paint materials and equipment. Today's paint shops require much more flexibility and investment compared to the traditional paint lines installed. Drivers are clearly different models, with a wide variety of colours and variable production rates that are painted on the same production line(s). With extra care in the consumption of energy, air and materials.

A perfectly painted surface is the main feature of every car, and therefore represents a very "emotional" quality measure for the customer. In order to optimize this surface, and through a high definition, precision and resolution scanner in its cameras, Eines Surface -Paint Quality Scanner allows an objective inspection, automatically, in line, of each car body. Defects are measured in depth, observing their behaviour in the light, classified on the basis of catalogues and optionally marked using high-precision technology. In this way, follow-up work and process improvements can be carried out precisely and easily.

 This not only reduces operating costs and improves environmental performance, but can also objectively inspect 100% of all vehicles manufactured. Employees can concentrate on remedying critical defects rather than identifying them, which is a huge personnel management advantage for all OEMs. It also reduces costs by reducing defects and the number of rework lines.


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