Sustainability and Compliance: Operation and contribution to the new coronavirus

6/9/2023 / Category: Sustainibily COVID Konica Minolta / Author: Takahiro Okamura

Sustainability is a cross-cutting strategic issue for the Konica Minolta Group. The company is aware that the best way to do business is to generate a positive impact on society with a long-term vision. Innovation, quality and the company's wide portfolio of products in the Sensing division, to which Eines belongs, make it possible to generate solutions that are capable of improving people's quality of life, respecting the environment and generating jobs worldwide.

Contributing positively to society, while doing successful and sustainable business, is at the heart of the strategy of all the companies that make up the Konica Minolta group at a global level and is the ultimate goal of the Eines company. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out in the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030 summarize the consnsus of humanity on what constitutes sustainability. They are also a fundamental part of being able to measure Konica's impact on the world.

Sustainability and Compliance

In Konica Minolta's sustainability report we highlight the actions they take to be aligned with and contribute to the sustainable development of the planet. It highlights many achievements, including a strong anti-corruption culture based on an effective Compliance System, which has led the multinational to be distinguished by other organizations.

A key aspect of this has been to work with our clients and stakeholders to reinforce and align our compliance principles for the benefit of a fairer and more transparent society.

Operation and contribution in the face of the new coronavirus

The COVID-19 changed the regular way of working of Eines Vision a lot, and it is possible that these conditions can remain in the future; especially in the issues related to biosafety, hygiene and environmental care. However, we have been working hand in hand with our customers to ensure that our commitment to sustainability continues to take hold.

To this end, we have implemented an early prevention plan, which has allowed us to promptly restart work with our OEM customers and together with the respective biosafety measures.

For Eines, the pandemic has left many lessons, mainly from the digital side, where we have found the opportunity to promote the use of our digital solutions portfolio in the different technological solutions of artificial vision that assist field personnel 24/7.

Without doubt it leaves many lessons and learning; however, what is most worth rescuing is that it generated more agile promotion of the use of different digital platforms that include predictive models, applications and intelligent devices, in order to ensure the continuity of our clients' operations in each country where we work. The above, always ensuring both the safety of the business and the health of the people who make it possible.

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