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Eines controls paint quality of every Audi Q3 made in Martorell

  • The Eines system takes more than 25,000 photos in a few seconds 
  • The equipment supplied by EINES automatically reviews the production of every Audi Q3, in addition to the Ibiza and Leon models that were already being supervised with the previous installation 

(May 2017).- With more than 25,000 photos captured and processed in just 35 seconds, Eines make an scan of the paint surface in order to help the worker to control quality on any Audi Q3 manufactured at the SEAT factory in Martorell. 

Through a LED-Tunnel, the technology developed by Eines and called ESFI scans all the bodycar of all vehicles manufactured in Martorell’s plant and reviews the quality of the paint. Since November’16, with a first tunnel, they are supervising all the Ibiza and Leon models. The incorporation of a second tunnel has been destined for quality process of the Audi Q3. 

The tool provided by Eines is an arch under which the bodyworks move, after passing through the paint spraying booths. In that tunnel, a large number of cameras scan the entire surface. During the period in which the bodywork passes, not more than 35 seconds, the cameras take 25,000 images of each of these bodyworks, and process them before it leaves the station. 

The advantage of this system, compared to systems developed by other companies, is that the vehicle does not stop at all and that it uses the vehicle´s internal transport lines. Hence, its installation requires 50% less investment, without undermining the precision. 

Another advantage is that it does not require any additional investment and that it can be used for any vehicle or new model that is launched from a factory. 

According to Juanfra Forés, business development director at Eines, "the implementation of this second tunnel at the SEAT Martorell plant is a big boost for us, and it confirms that we offer a high-quality supervision system for painting. In fact, this second tunnel is intended for high-end vehicles such as the current Audi Q3." 

From an operational point of view, Forés confirms that ESFI, as they call this tunnel, "offers accurate information to the operators and stores the necessary information for the improvement of the production line, so that continuous improvement is applied. 

About Eines 

EINES -Quality Engineering & Vision Systems- is a Spanish technological development company, specialised in the automotive sector. It has 25 years of experience and is mainly engaged in the development of fully automatic quality control equipment, using artificial vision technology. 

Currently, more than 70% of its turnover comes from international clients and its systems are installed in all five continents. Since 1992, EINES has collaborated in the development and implementation of worldwide quality improvement systems for well-known multinationals such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Hyundai, Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, Honda, VOLVO, VW, SEAT, Mercedes Benz, and many others. 

In addition, EINES is certified as Quality Management in ISO 9001: 2008 

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