Eletric checkout System


  • To perform cockpit's electric components electric check and configuration

Brief Description

  • Our customer’s staff carries out connection of different electric components in the cockpit (hazard switch, heated screen, etc.) and they need check if these connections are well done or not before deliver the cockpit. So, our ECOS (Electric Check-Out System) system performs all needed electric check operations for guarantee the connections are suited. Also, our ECOS system configures some electronic components (radio, cluster, temperature controller).
Eletric Checkout System

Items to be checked

  • Detect errors on the number stamped for future possible reparation doing an OCR verification
  • Verify the correct assembly of VIN data onto the vehicle/car
  • Advise whether the reference country allows remark process
  • Checking tip sharpness profile
  • Depth measurement guaranteeing legal requirements

ECOS Scheme

ECOS communication scheme

Individul Tests

Individual tests execution

  • User friendly
  • Reliable

Connection example

Components recognition

  • The system can verify that some components are connected and check if these are the required components by checking the serial number.


  • Check and Configuration steps configurable.
  • Check and Configuration Parameters could be updated by our customer’s staff.
  • Check and Configuration results stored in a Data Base.
  • Printable results.
  • The Customer’s staff only must connect and disconnect (at the end of the process) the connectors. The ECOS solutions do all the needed check operations.
  • A Client-Servers applications for update the check parameters.
  • Wi-Fi connection between Clients and Server.
  • All integrated in a User friendly and reliable solution.