Flush & Gap

Main Objectives

  • Overall Quality: Detect and fix Flushness and Gaps improving the Final Quality.
  • Avoiding Wind Noise: Flushness and Gaps cause Wind Noise. This Noise provokes Customer dissatisfaction.

3 Options


Static cell


Robotic cell


Manual device

Flush And GAP

EINES Hand Held Measurement System 2.0 (Manual device)

Flush And GAP

Powerful: The EH2 is a state-of-the-art measurement gauge that delivers the power, accuracy and functionality of today’s automobile industry needs.

Mobile: The EH2 sets a new standard for non contact measurement, which gives you the freedom to be more productive and precise.

Versatile: The EH2 combines advanced laser triangulation technology with powerful Windows Tablet PC plus an ergonomic design resulting in the best way of doing measurement in the automotive and aerospace industry..

Flush And GAP

Control Software example

Robotic cell


3D guidance system

  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • High accuracy
  • Car on wheels
  • In movement guidance
Control Software

Control Software

  • It manages guidance and measuring system
  • Flexible
  • User Friendly

Pantalla Fallos

Three 42” screens are showing defects position to the labour man

Easy Calibration

  • Our Tolls are equipped with easy and friendly calibration wizards.
  • Good Calibration after installation improves the system performance.

Clear advantages

  • There is not contact between sensor and piece (higher durability).
  • Very quick system, (saving cycle time).
  • More reliability, it can measure any axis or angles.
  • More elements delimited, (it is obtained the measurement of several parts of the piece).
  • Real 3D measurement
  • Higher Flexibility: Separated Items (Laser - Camera) could be mounted in any scenario or circumstance.