Glazing Solutions

Most common problems

As a result of bad application of Primer or PU, problems take place of:

  • Water ingress
  • Wind Noise
  • Insufficient PU adhesion strength

The possibility of defect detection once the glass is inserted is zero

Customer dissatisfaction due to faults not detected in plant

Our EINES solutions

Control of the Glass

  • Multi error proofing capabilities

Control of the Primer application

  • Continuous measurement

Control of the PU application

  • Pressure head based
  • Continuous measurement
  • Profile and position validation
  • PU joint correctness verification

3D post insertion check

Guidance insertion

  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • 0,2 mm accuracy

Automatic Non contact measurement

  • Real after process measurement

Marshalling report services

  • Dynamic analysis
  • VIN report
Glazing Solutions

3D windshield guiding example

3D windshield guiding example

  • 3D Stereo Vision
  • Colour recognition
Example of dynamic inspection

Example of dynamic inspection

Detection in real time of defects

  • Primer path position
  • Primer width
  • Primer gaps
  • Overspray (when spraying)
Control of the PU application example

Control of the PU application example

  • Pressure head based
  • Continuous measurement

PU Joint Control System

The second phase of product application begins with the PU application. The PU Pressure Control program, developed by Eines, verifies the absence of air bubbles in the applied product.

The PU Joint Control System is equipped with a device to detect gaps or a lack of PU in the most difficult areas to inspect by the pressure control program.

In other words, the PU bead joint is the “critical” point where the beginning and the end of the PU bead are joined during the PU dosing process. At the start-up of the dosing process, there is a continuous increase in the pressure beginning from its minimum level to its stable level and a subsequent decrease as the process approaches its end. The pressure is variable at these two steps and the pressure control program can not take into consideration these measurements.

PU Joint Control System

Applied technology


Total Integrated system control.


Artificial Vision technology.


Analogue Measurement Technology obtaining data from the pressure sensor in the dispensing nozzle.


Determination of the key critical attributes of the process.


High speed and quality components.


Data capture and analysis in real time.


Advanced integration of different technologies in a single product.


Common user interface trough all applications