Vin Marking

Common Problems

What causes bad stamping?

  • Broken or missing Marking Pin
  • Fatigued spring
  • Insufficient Marking Tip sharpness
  • Incorrect distance from marking head to the part (too far or too near)
  • Insufficient impact strength
  • Air pressure failure
  • Number already stamped


Number Stamped is a legal requisite

  • Car being returned by customer
  • Total loss chassis caused by undetected bad number stamped (in various territories)
  • Large amount of repair hours spent to replace or remark chassis or engine
  • Unsatisfied client
VIN Marking

Items to be checked

  • Detect errors on the number stamped for future possible reparation doing an OCR verification
  • Verify the correct assembly of VIN data onto the vehicle/car
  • Advise whether the reference country allows remark process
  • Checking tip sharpness profile
  • Depth measurement guaranteeing legal requirements

VIN Marking - OCR Pantalla

OCR Vision System

To recognize printed/marked information previously unknown, machine vision system are use to perform - Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

VIN Marking - OCV pantalla

OCV Vision System

To make sure high information is printed and the data is complete, machine vision system are use to perform - Optical Character Verification (OCV).


The Control and Vision PC actively participates in the marking process, controls data to be marked and verifies that data has been correctly stamped.

  • Broadcasting connection: Data from the production line vehicles are received.
  • PLC network: Control the installation status, robot marking status etc. This communication allows the process between both system to synchronize perfectly.
  • Cameras: Proportion the images to the vision card contained in the computer.

Provide 100% marking quality verification – to track along the entire assembly line using strategically positioned cameras.