Wheel & Tire

Feature recognition

The vision identifies the rim or tire code by checking different features:

  • Rim outer diameter and height.
  • The material of composition of the rim (Aluminum/bright – Chrome/shiny – Steel/dark).
  • Rim design, spokes recognition, number of lugs.
  • Speed limit and other stickers.
  • Tire inner, outer diameter, height.
  • Tread pattern.
  • Brand manufacturer (big characters).
  • Colored dots.
Wheel & Tires - Eines

Identification example

Wheel & Tires - Identification example
Wheel & Tires - Identification example


User friendly





Modular personalization

Modular personalization

Applied technology


Integral system of identification.


Artificial Vision technology.


Obtaining of the exact measures of the rim to inspect.


High speed and quality components.


Continuous data capture and analysis.


Integration of all the process in a single product.