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We have successfully developed estate of the art dynamic gaging systems for high volume moving production lines to ensure a 100% proper fit and finish.

If you don’t measure it you can’t improve.

We provide quality control vision for:

  • VIN EDS Depth Measurement
  • BIW Flush & Gap
  • VOW Flush & Gap
  • Handheld Flush & Gap
  • Continuous casting control
  • Cross car beam gauging
  • EIM engine cell
  • Casting parts gauging
  • Inline body 3D absolute gauge


3D Robot Guidance Solutions

Multiple parts pickup, assemblies, door to body insertion, auto glass insertion, sealing, 3D car on wheels guidance and tracking. Eseaest and relialabest 3D vision system

Depth Scanner

The EDS is the state-of-the-art 3D profiler measurer that delivers the power, accuracy and functionality of today´s automobile VIN marking needs. Multiple high accuracy applications.

Flush & Gap

In-line system for flush&gap mesurement providing best performance in a flexible environment. Geometrical measurement solutions. / Flush & Gap (manual, fixed, robotic solutions).