Quality Inspection

Quality inspection

Our aimed quality inspection systems are capable of detecting even the slight imperfections.

We provide quality control vision for:

  • Camshaft surface inspection
  • PU bead check
  • PU Joint Check
  • RTV bead inspection
  • Sealer check
  • Oil leak detection
  • Engine block surface inspection
  • Dents & peaks inspection
  • Dust in paint inspection
  • VIN marking surface inspection
  • Profiler inspection
  • Crankshaft porosity Inspection
  • Head cylinder surface Inspection

Quality inspection

Depth Scanner

The EDS is the state-of-the-art 3D profiler measurer that delivers the power, accuracy and functionality of today´s automobile VIN marking needs. Multiple high accuracy applications.

Flush & Gap

In-line system for flush&gap mesurement providing best performance in a flexible environment. Geometrical measurement solutions. / Flush & Gap (manual, fixed, robotic solutions).

Glazing Solutions

Our EINES solutions - Control of the Glass / Control of the Primer application / Control of the PU application / 3D post insertion check / Guidance insertion / Automatic Non contact measurement / Marshalling report services

Sealing Inspections

In-line system for controlling sealing operations in all diferent situations. Robot guidance. / PU 3D profiler. / Engine Interior sealing check. / Clinch Flange Adhesive Control.

Vin Marking

Advanced vision system to guarantee 100% quality in engine and chassis vin marking control. 2D/3D Robot Guidance / Process Control / VIN Reading (OCR/OCV) / VIN Depth Measurement