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You want to work in an international environment? Then Eines Systems is the right place for you.
Take advantage of this and discover the world with us. Whether short term or long term, in Europe or on another continent /city: you decide.

Working at Eines means you have all the advantages of belonging to an international company.

A global assignment is an enriching experience, professionally and personally. The possibilities are almost endless: various lengths of stay, various countries, and various business areas.

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Electromechanical Technician

  • Reporting to: Workshop / Production Manager
  • Supervises: Electrical and Mechanical Part of the Installations 

Send your CV & portfolio to: hr@eines.com

Main functions
  • Physical assembly of components involved in project installations, as well as the electrical and mechanical part of the project. 
  • Manufacture electrical cabinets following the guidelines of the diagrams provided.
  • Manufacture of auxiliary structures necessary for the fastening of the elements of the projects. Mainly using aluminum structures and their accessories. 
  • Electromechanical installation of components in clients' factories.
  • Repair of electro-mechanical faults in the systems already installed. 
  • Packing and palletizing of the different elements that make up the materials of a project, for shipment to the client.
  • Channeling and routing of the necessary wiring for energization and interconnection of our systems on-site (client's premises).
  • Installation and fixing of electrical cabinets.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Connecting wiring.
  • Preparing material shipments, palletizing, and packing.

Those described in the Quality System that corresponds to you, as well as understanding and participating in the continuous improvement of the same.

Academic training: 

Vocational training in electricity, electronics, mechanics, and mechatronics.

Complementary training: 

Languages English B1 (recommended).


Electrical assemblies and installations in the automotive sector. Knowledge of E-Plan reading and design.

Personal skills and aptitudes: 

Good integration in work teams, with initiative, dynamic, availability to travel, and ease of communication.

Send your CV & portfolio to: hr@eines.com

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