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<span class="field field--name-title field--type-string field--label-hidden">EINES® eh3 - Inline Flush &amp; Gap Hand-Held System</span>

EINES® eh3 - Inline Flush & Gap Hand-Held System

EINES has wide experience on Flush & Gap measurement devices. First hand held equipment for Flush & Gap measurement was developed in 2006 for Ford Motor Company Valencia. Today this system is being used across the national and international automotive production.

Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System

Laser/camera triangulation + miniaturization.

Flush & Gap measurement on roof-liftgate, fender-hood, doors, body side-liftgate, Seal bead profile, etc)

Flush & Gap measurement between different textured elements such as cockpits and side panels, or airbag and steering wheel, etc

Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System
Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System
Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System



Is a state-of-the-art measurement gauge that delivers the power, accuracy and functionality of today’s automobile industry needs.


It sets a new standard for non contact measurement, which gives you the freedom to take more frequent and highly accurate readings.


Combining advanced laser triangulation technology with powerful Windows Tablet PC plus or Screen an ergonomic design resulting in a highly optimized solution for precise measurement in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Remote screens and reporting

Communication with line PLC

The system communicates with the line PLC and after the vehicle measurement, it can send different error levels to illuminate different warning lamps, for example : Green if all the measurements are OK, Orange if there is any measurement close to the tolerance limits and Red if there is any measurement out of tolerance, also being able to raise an alarm or stop the line if the measurements out of tolerance are consecutive or repetitive within a certain number of vehicles.

In any case, this protocol can be defined with plant personnel to be adapted for each different installation.

Measurement Data

The information regarding all the measurements data can be printed out.

There is also an option to show visual AIDS on remote screens placed on the line or instructed by Barcode readers about the data measured or just to show mnemonics with the points to be reviewed or rectified (if any).

There are some other reports than can be extracted from the historical data related to VIN number, model, shift, measurement point, etc. The reporting systems already setup in the reports software are based on Excel templates.

Mesurement Process eh3 sample

A barcode reader for reading cars while entering into the “station”.

The eh3 (fixed mounted computer) sends request through Eines F&G Server.

Eh3 receives all the information and starts the appropriate cycle.

Operator makes the measurements.

The data is sent automatically to Eines F&G Server.

An OK/NOK signal is sent using the Eines F&G Server. Detailed information identifying the wrong sections will be sent.

Cycle starts again.

Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System

Key Points


Rugged Tablet PC, High performance, Windows 7.


Set of swappable positioning tools.


Real 3D system.

User friendly

Front end designed for final users.


Wide in terms of field of view, speed, and accuracy.


Huge experience in the 3D measurement.


Sensors can be swapped with no reteaching or recalibration.


Able to handle two different colors or textures simultaneously.


It is posible to send data to a server on real time.


Microsoft Excel files, own templates. (Included but not limited to Cp, Cpks, R&R, etc.)

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