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<span class="field field--name-title field--type-string field--label-hidden">eiφis - EINES® Inline Flush &amp; Gap Inspection System</span>

eiφis - EINES® Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System

eiφis - EINES Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System is the first flush and gap inspection system able to scan on a moving line assembled automotive closures and bodies with no interruption of production tact times, resulting in higher control, productivity and efficiency Real time 3D vehicle scanner by combining state of the art image processing software and high-performance hardware components.

This system resolve 3D coordinate point clouds on every vehicle section considered by using specular light and stereo-vision concepts. Point clouds will be individually processed in order to conform 3D mesh structures. Flush and Gap measurement standards will be finally applied to accurately determine values on every section.

Gap and flush inspection between assembled automotive closures and bodies is a critical factor in modeling a car’s aerodynamic performance and, in turn, determine fuel efficiency, reduces wind noise concerns, door closing effort, improves overall body fit-and-finish, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your resetting process and resources.

eiφis 3D Scanning Inline Metrology System provides online accurate data to be used not only as an AID for fit & finish operators at the line but also as a big data retrofit for process improvement at early stages.

The integration in the line of eiφis for measurement, not only will increase incredibly the amount of data being measured but contribute also to following improvements:

Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System

Inline measurement

100% Production Control
Line speed independent
No cycle time concerns
Unlimited number of sections to be measured; Big data
Flexibility: Easily define new sections and models
All type of materials can be measured.
Future enhanced capabilities: Error Proofing, Photo Finish, PCS meas.
Scanner EINES

Cost effective

Initial investment
Energy Saving/Sustainability
Reduce Equipment Breakdowns → Line stoppages
Reduce re-setters workload and avoid over-touching the production.
Reduce warranty claims.
EINES Scanner

Key Concepts

1. Stereo-Vision + Specular Light Reflection
2. Conveyor Synchronism and Image Acquisition
3. 3D Alignment and Absolute measurement.
4. Flush and Gap Measurement Standards
5. Product and Process Control
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