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EINES® Inline Flush & Gap Robotic System

Robot-guided defect detection, compared to visual inspection, provides significantly more precise, consistent results.

Field experience highlights a major reduction of defect slippage in the downstream processes, while issues such as daily mood swings, color dependency or tiredness no longer have any influence. The detected data can also be used further, example, for monitoring tasks, to optimize previous production processes and to reveal sources of errors, or for a marking robot that automatically marks the defects for subsequent repairs or rework.

The automation of gap and flush measuring is on the advance. designed for highest accuracy and speed our Eines Automatic Inline Robotic Flush & Gap system allow for 100% inline inspection with programmed control measurement plan selection.

Profile data and measurement results are clearly displayed on monitors to show limit exceedings with color-coded overlays. Data is exported automatically as CSV, XML or, on request, using your own interface.

Flush and Gap
Flush and Gap


  • There is not contact between sensor and piece (higher durability)
  • Very quick system, (saving cycle time)
  • More reliability, it can measure any axis or angles
  • More elements delimited, (it is obtained the measurement of several parts of the piece)
  • Real 3D measurement
  • Higher Flexibility: Multiple sections can be programmed
Flush and Gap

Key Points

  • Installations at High Volumen Production Factories
  • Car on Wheels (at Final Assembly CAL)
  • BIW (at Bodyshop)
  • HMI – Advanced customizable information for the operators
    Reporting Services – Analysis for engineering & quality department
Flush and Gap


Flush and Gap

3D Guidance System

6 degrees of freedom
High accuracy
Car on wheels
In movement guidance
Flush and Gap

Control Software

3D guidance and measuring system.
User Friendly
Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System

Easy Calibration Software

Our tolls are equipped with easy and friendly calibration wizards.
Good Calibration after installation improves the system performance.
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