Vision, mission and values


To create the essential value for automotive quality assurance and control
We’re specialized in inline machine vision technology development for the automotive sector


Offer the most Essential & Hi-tech machine Vision Solutions for the Automotive Industry covering complete manufacturing process.

Develop innovative solutions applicable to our customer needs in regards, quality assurance and/or labor saving, promoting the solutions developed for being applied to different customers based on lessons learned on many different business cases

Our 6 Core Values

At Eines Vision Systems, our 6 Values are evident in all our actions. They are demonstrated in our outstanding accomplishments and also in the everyday choices of our team members around the world. These 6 values define how we work and direct us in our decision-making.

Open and Honest

We are convinced that only by acting with integrity and communicating with our colleagues and customers in an open and honest way can we create long-lasting partnerships of mutual trust and true significance.


We exist solely for our customers; always thinking on their behalf, undertaking challenges together with them, exceeding expectations, and working tirelessly to bring them success, both now and in the future.


Innovation is what drives us. We constantly strive to develop groundbreaking ideas that will form the basis of everything we do going forward, every step of the way. We value creative thinking and welcome the challenges of our changing world.


Being passionate, strong-willed and determined is essential to making a meaningful contribution to our customers’ businesses and society as a whole. Our team members love what they do and are committed to our vision.

Inclusive and Collaborative

We believe that the power of inclusiveness and collaboration with customers, partners and each other is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas. Our diverse, talented team members work together to innovate for our future.


Not only must we be individually and collectively responsible and accountable for what we do, all of our actions should contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and Eines Vision Systems.

These values guide the decisions and actions we take in our daily work, whether serving our customers or interacting with partners and team members.

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