EINES® at Automotive Manufacturing & Technology and materials show in Shanghai

9/24/2023 / Category: AMTS 2021 Surface Paint Quality Inspector china. Konica Minolta / Author: EINES


About AMTS 2021

AMTS (Automotive Manufacturing & Technology and materials show) is a leading professional exhibition in the automotive engineering industry and EINES® has formed part of this thanks to HCN team (EINES®’s China team, Konica Minolta Sensing, China) who set up a 18m² booth in W3.G13 in Testing and Quality control zone at the AMTS in Shanghai during 7 to 10 July.


With this opportunity, EINES® has been able to expose our in-line Surface - Paint Quality Solutions along with our introduction of our latest technology as well as successful global installation of over 30 systems nowadays including China.



During the exhibition

During the event, HCN team exhibited varieties of innovative inspection solutions for the automotive surface inspection and validation including esφi - in-line Surface Paint Quality Inspector from EINES®, CM-M6 (portable multi-angle spectrophotometer) from Konica Minolta Sensing, Rhopoint TAMS™ (Total Appearance Measurement System), all of those are nowadays contributing to the important scenes of quality control for automotive manufacturing. Due to the size of esφi, they used miniature version of esφi to demonstrate the image.         


With the advanced recovery in China from the pandemic, there were many visitors to the exhibition, and among those, HCN caught the great interests of the visitors from the different OEMs` and suppliers due to its technological innovativeness and uniqueness.



We are very grateful to have been part of this exhibition together with our China team.

Thank you to all the visitors to their booth for showing your interest on our solutions!

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