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Improving Fit & Finish with High-Tech Solutions

šŸš—Ā Do you want to learn how to track and reduce surface and Fit & Finish defects?

In thisĀ webinar we will discuss:

  • The impact on customer satisfaction related to excessive closing efforts, water leaks and wind noise and other defects
  • Automated Vision Inspection Systems Industry 4.0
  • All-in-One inline solution: Gap & Flush measurement, surface defect detection and parts presence/absence check

šŸ“¢ Two sessions are available.Ā  Don't forget to register in advance! Forward it to your colleagues who you think might find it interesting to attend.

šŸ•“ Morning Session:Ā 10-11am CET

Register here

šŸ•“ Afternoon Session: 5-6pm CET

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šŸ—£ļø Speakers:
Morning Session:Ā Javier Gil, Business Development Manager
Afternoon Session: Michael Koper,Ā Vision Expert & Business Development Manager in Americas.

šŸ’¬ In addition, we will launch poll questions to do a more interactive event. At the end of the session, there will also be time to answer your questions.

āš ļø Free Event for Automotive ManufacturersĀ 

If you are interested in the webinar topic but can notĀ attend, pleaseĀ contactĀ

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