Konica Minolta CEO visits Eines Vision Systems Headquarters

12/5/2023 / Category: Velencia CEO Konica Minolta / Author: EINES


Last week was truly a momentous occasion as we had the pleasure of hosting none other than Toshimitsu Taiko, the esteemed Director, President, and CEO of Konica Minolta. The entire Eines family was beyond thrilled and deeply honored to welcome such a distinguished guest. Mr. Toshimitsu Taiko presence added an electrifying and culturally enriching dimension to our gathering, making it an event to remember.


Taiko San cisiting Eines Vision Systems Solutions


It all began with a warm welcome, setting the stage for an extraordinary day. The introduction to our company provided a glimpse into our values and vision, setting the tone for what was to come. He had the opportunity to meet our remarkable team, whose daily contributions significantly enhance the quality of our products. The Demo Tunnel sessions were electrifying, with the CEOs at the Helm. Amidst the technology showcase, Toshimitsu Taiko, our esteemed guest, was pleasantly surprised, and his beaming happy face reflected joy as he discovered all the advances in Quality Control for Automotive Industry. We also have to mention, of course, the Pose Recognition Demos which took center stage in this Demo, leaving the crowd in awe with their impressive capabilities.


Taiko San CEO Konica Minolta in Eines Vision Systems


And to top it all off, during his visit, Mr. Toshimitsu Taiko graciously shared inspiring words with the Eines family, underlining the values of dedication and teamwork, which are fundamental to our mutual endeavors. His insights and encouragement resonated deeply with all of us, reinforcing our collective commitment to success and collaboration.


What a great day!


CEO Konica Minolta with Eines Vision Systems Employees


Map Konika Minolta