Part ID & Multi Error Proofing solutions

Error proofing is a structured approach to ensuring quality all the way through the work processes. This approach enables to improve the production or business processes to prevent specific errors—and, thus, defects—from occurring. Error-proofing Eines methods enable you to discover sources of errors through fact-based problem solving. The focus of error proofing is not on identifying and counting defects. Rather, it is on the elimination of their cause: one or more errors that occur somewhere in the production process.

Error proofing is 100% inspection, the most effective type of inspection. During these inspections, a comparison of actual parts or products to standards is done 100% of the time at the potential source of an error. The goal is to achieve 100% real-time inspection of the potential process errors that lead to defects. It is often physically impossible and too time-consuming to conduct 100% inspection of all products or parts for defects. To help you achieve zero defects, Eines use low-cost error-proofing devices to perform 100% inspection of known sources of error.

Door panels

Our multi-technology offer in door panels allows us to provide each market and customer with optimal solutions. We supply cabins for vehicles of all segments, integrating technologies that analyse each door and part of the car in a personalised way according to each customer.

We supply door panels in numerous and diverse variants, checking a wide variety of technologies.

In the tire production process, one of the most sensitive stages is the control operated on every single item that no defects have occurred during the production process, before it will be sent on the market.

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