Most common problems

As a result of bad application of Primer or PU, problems take place of:

Eines has developed for 15 years a sealant verification system that has achieved a high level of effectiveness.

Our experience in many Automotive plants about Vision Systems for sealer inspection: either at body shop (closu¬res), paint shop (cosmetic, underbody, roof ditch, …), engine plant (Loctite, …), final assembly Primer/PU bead check at direct glazing, etc.

Esφi EINES Surface Paint – Quality Inspector Automated Paint Scanner is the world first system able to scan on a moving line with short cycle times, and respectively no interruption of production tact imes resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.

The Scanner can be configured for all current and future car bodies within similar dimensions.This revolutionary system uses machine vision to improve quality control in the automotive industry.

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