The safety of people: our priority at EINES Vision Systems

10/19/2020 / Author: Judith Veryser
Our commitment to “ORP” and Occupational Health since our beginnings has enabled us to deal with a crisis such as that of the COVID with solvency. 

The Prevention of Occupational Risks and Health in the company is based on the protection and care of people's health in relation to their working environment and its mission is to identify, evaluate and control these risks by establishing the necessary preventive measures so that they do not materialise. In addition, the ORP works to control possible emergency situations.

And there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has shown us that this area in companies is absolutely strategic and necessary.

Naturally, people have our work as a livelihood, and also as a way of life. It is not the same to work in conditions of safety and care for people as in others where only production is important and people are in the background. And that, moreover, is perceived by the customer. And so do our teams.

At Eines Vision Systems, for more than 15 years, the Prevention Area has been a commitment to the well-being of our workers, and this is how it is perceived in our company culture.

Since then, we have managed to ensure that the people who make up the Eines family work more safely, are more motivated and, in short, are happier, both in and out of work. We have also understood that these two facets of a person's life cannot be accepted, since what we do at work has an influence on our life outside the working environment and vice versa: that the person is the centre, and that the person is unique. After all, we spend a third of our life in the workplace.

In short, we have managed to make ORP a key pillar within the company and not just a support for compliance with some basic legal or regulatory requirements, but to go further and put the person as the centre and driving force of the company.

A situation that has allowed us to face a crisis with solvency, that of the COVID, which has changed the perception and requirements of security.