Health management

People are the most important value of EINES. That is why we are committed to protecting the health and safety of all our employees during all phases of the activity and under the principle of continuous improvement. Our reason of being, in the Prevention department, are among other activities: the protection of health, action in front of emergencies, adaptation of the work to the person, selection of work teams and products, coordination between companies and other obligations included in the prevention normative framework. Because we promote a culture of prevention, in which each and every one of us is a key player.

The Prevention Department works rigorously on the design, application and coordination of preventive action plans and programmes. The evaluation of risk factors and the preventive design of workplaces, the initial, continuous and constant information and training of workers, the initial and periodic health surveillance in relation to the risks derived from their work and the selection of the most suitable individual protection equipment.

If you are healthy, you get more out of life. And more out of your job. That is why prevention and health promotion are very important to us.

In this area, Eines Systems Health Management offers a wide variety of measures: medical guidance, individual sports and exercise offerings, dietary counseling, and much more.

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