Smart factories, in constantly evolving

2/4/2023 / Author: José Enrique C…
Automotive manufacturing has evolved into a highly competitive market, with tightening margins and competitive pressures from factors not previously considered.


As a result, optimization of the manufacturing process has taken on new meaning, and multiple pursuits are in place to ensure productivity and profitability in the auto industry, as well as its adaptation towards environmentally sustainable processes.


Quality control and inspection are integral parts of today’s manufacturing process, so to successfully facilitate the transition from conventional factories to smart factories of the future, it is vital to replace incumbent manufacturing and quality inspection technologies with emerging approaches.

The idea of smart factories, although not new, is constantly evolving. Today, many believe that factories of the future are driving the fourth industrial revolution. Dimensional metrology companies continue to adopt strategic customer acquisition models by gathering deeper understanding of end users’ production systems. The automated dimensional metrology market is likely to be a key area of focus for several dimensional metrology companies.

Dimensional metrology is one of the technologies used in quality control processes to ensure accuracy of manufactured components. This industry is also experiencing significant technological advancements to enable smart factory concepts of the future.

With the increasing adoption of optical metrology systems in industrial robots, the role of repetitive manual operation will be reduced. The quality and metrology teams will focus on intelligent programming and the insightful and practical analysis of measurement data. Automation is expected to be a key driver for the metrology market in all industrial applications, especially in the automotive industry.

Eines is continually working on new strategies and investing significantly in research and development capabilities to offer unique technology solutions for rapidly evolving automotive end users.

We have created strategic alliances with other metrology and industrial automation companies to provide end-to-end solutions.

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