Vision Solutions in Wheel&Tire

2/26/2021 / Category: Wheel&Tire Vision Solutions / Author: Vicente García

Vehicle assembly plants require that the correct tyres are fitted to the correct wheels before being mounted on the vehicle. Incorrectly mounted tyres cause rework and reduce performance. Tyres can be identified by the pattern located on their side profiles. The sidewall profiles of modern high performance tyres vary not only from model to model, but around the entire circumference of the tyre, with profiles appearing different on the outside of the tyre wall than on the inside of the tyre. The tyre model must be accurately identified despite this variation. Identifying a tyre using its sidewall profiles is essential to ensure that the correct tyre fits the correct rim before fitting it to the vehicle.

Tyres and rims must be accurately and quickly sized so that manufacturers can fit the specified model. Eines Wheel & Tire solutions simplify and automate the identification of a tyre by any part of its sidewall profiles and a rim by its colour and design elements. The sorting tool learns to identify and classify different tyre patterns. We also group tyres and wheels according to their class, ensuring that the correct part is selected and installed on the vehicle.

Vision Solutions Wheel&Tire

Eines works from the point of view of process traceability, taking into account strategic aspects such as safety, quality, legality and ergonomics. We have been working on this type of solution for more than 30 years, starting with major customers such as Ford Europe (Spain-Valencia).

Eines' tyre solutions offer robust, high-speed wheel identification using code reading algorithms that are able to reliably locate wheels despite random wheel placement and orientation on the conveyor.

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